”The best curry I have had in Australia!”


Chicken (Kukhura) 
Sekewa (Clay Oven Cooked Chicken)  (GF) 26
Tender chicken pieces marinated with yoghurt a little ginger and garlic, cooked in the Clay oven and served on a bed of salad accompanied with raita and hot tomato achar.
Pokhara Ko Kukhura (Coconut Chicken)  (GF) 23.5
Tender chicken pieces marinated in yogurt enriched with cardamon and tomato and gently simmered in coconut milk.
Festival Chicken  (GF) 23.5
A Tibetan festival specialty. Pieces of chicken pan cooked with red chilli, basil, seasonal vegetables and tomato.
Chicken Curry  (GF) 23.5
Chicken marinated with yogurt, first grilled and then simmered in a fresh tomato sauce.
Fish (Macha) 
Annapurna Macha   (GF) 26
Fish fillet pieces, simmered in coconut milk and enriched with basil, tomato and a little black pepper
Jinge Macha (GF) 29.9
Prawns cooked Nepalese Style, in a delicious red chilli and coconut sauce, enriched with fenugreek leaves
Tharu Macha (GF) 29.9
Prawns and chickpeas cooked in a traditional style of the Terai region with tomatoes, garlic, delicate spices and fresh coriander
Meat (Masu)
Sherpa Lamb Curry  (GF) 26.9
Tender lamb and potato, slow cooked with cardamom and cinnamon.
Khasiko Masu (Goat Curry)  (GF) 26.9
Slow cooked tender goat in traditional Tibetan manner enriched with mustard oil and fenugreek.
Lamb Pharsi  (GF) 27.5
A slow  cooked lamb and pumpkin curry flavoured with the chefs delicate spice mix and fenugreek.
Vegetarian (Shakahari)
Channa (GF-VG) 20
Plump chickpeas and cubed potatoes, simmered in a tomato and garlic sauce. Garnished with fresh coriander.
Dal Sag (GF-VG) 20
A richly flavoured lentil dish with garlic, cumin and ginger. Served with spinach leaves.
Chitwan Vegetable Curry  (GF-VG) 21.5
A freshly cooked seasonal vegetable curry, simmered with, ginger, cumin, mustard seeds and tomato.
Palungo Ko Tarkari  (GF-VE) 21.5
Fresh hand made cheese in a creamy and delicately spiced spinach puree, enriched with garlic and tomato.
Pharsi  (GF-VG) 20
A pumpkin curry flavoured with the chefs delicate spice mix and fenugreek.

Side Dishes

Himalayan Milk Dumplings (VE) 10
Light and fully dumplings served in warm cardamom syrup
Himalayan special Ice Cream (VE)  10
Traditional style ice cream prepared with mango, pistachio nuts and whole milk
Coconut and Rosewater Fudge  (GF-VE)(VG on request) 10
Moist coconut simmered with a little dried fruit, nuts and rosewater, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

*All main courses are available Gluten Free and Nut Free. Please advise staff if you require a gluten free meal as well as any other specific dietary requirements.

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